Teachers are co-researchers who always look for ways to stimulate a child’s learning experience.
It is the teacher’s role to ask open-ended questions to further explorations and knowledge.
We model language and behaviors, document experiences, create “yes” environments, and listen without judgment.

Michelle Benitez


I have been working with children and families for over 25 years. I enjoy watching children grow and develop while gaining independence. I have a Masters’ Degree in Human Development with a specialization in adult supervision. I have three children of my own and enjoy spending time with my family. I believe children need a safe, supportive environment to become happy successful individuals. I’m so excited to be part of the Mulberry Tree family!

Jenoveva Melendez

I am a teacher in the Twigs and Branches classroom. I have been a pre-school teacher for eight years. Currently, I am working on my AA Degree in Child Development. When I was young, I worked as a babysitter which inspired me to work with children. Along with being a teacher, I am a wife and a mother of two daughters. I love working with children and watching them grow and develop.

Dulce Alvaro

I’m a teacher in the Twigs and Branches classroom. Creating a sanctuary for children to be free to cultivate their natural curiosity through play is one of my goals as an educator. My love for education and working with children was clear to me since I was in second grade. To better prepare myself and enhance my understanding of the development of children, I pursued an undergrad degree in Education – Early Childhood Studies and graduated from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona in 2019. I like working with children of all ages. However, my natural nurturing and high energy self allows me to connect well with children ages 2 – 4, which allows for a day full of fun and learning. I believe that through positive relationships, a nurturing environment, and given opportunities children will grow into their full potential as caring individuals and critical thinkers.

Janelly Flores

I am currently working on my degree in Child Development and have a background in Waldorf Education. I love learning and working with children of all ages, and I believe that observing and understanding each child allows me as the teacher to meet their individual needs. As a whole, learning through play, experiences, love, and being viewed at their full potential gives children the courage and confidence to become whoever they want.

Jeanine Gutierrez

I am a Caterpillar classroom teacher at Mulberry Tree for over a year. I have an Associate’s Degree in Early Child Development with a minor in dance. I am currently working on my BA in Early Childhood Development. Aside from teaching, I love Disney and dance. My goal is to give children the opportunity for growth and development through play and exploration. We strive for nonstop learning in our classroom in a fun way that children are engaged in. Children are our future and it is our job to guide them to become the best learners.

Alejandra Ramirez

I’m known as Alex here at Mulberry Tree. I am currently attending Cal State Long Beach and graduating in May 2020. I will be receiving my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. I will continue to work with children and families in the future with my education and experience. Working in a child care environment has been a great experience. It is a learning opportunity to gain knowledge about what children’s minds are capable. My goals for children are to gain socialization and self-help skills, as well as being able to develop emotional and physical growth through play and actual experiences.