Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

What is the teacher to child ratio?

Our teacher-child ratio is lower than the requirements of Community Care Licensing. We believe children learn best in small groups which allow staff to meet the individual needs of the children.

Preschool 1:8

TK / Kindergarten 1:10

School-age 1:12

Does Mulberry Tree have a waiting list?

Yes, Mulberry Tree has a waiting list. After you attend a tour of the facility and feel the school is a fit for your child and family then you can request to be added to the waitlist. It is difficult to say how long you will have to wait for a spot to open up.

Does Mulberry accept children who are not potty trained?

Yes, Mulberry Tree does accept children who need help with potty training in our twigs and branches class only. The children in this class range in age from 2 through early 3. The other classrooms are not set up to accommodate diapers. Pull-ups are not allowed at Mulberry Tree.

Why do you require a parent tour?

Mulberry Tree requires a parent tour prior to being placed on the waitlist because our school is unique and parents need to make sure their child will flourish in our learning environment.

Parent Tours

Parents are welcome to tour the facility Monday – Thursday between the hours of 8:00am – 11:00am. No appointment is necessary.


Mulberry Tree is an all inclusive school and welcomes children with special needs.
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