About Mulberry Tree Learning Center


Founded in 1986, Mulberry Tree is a full-time private preschool in Whittier, California. The classrooms include Twigs and Branches, Caterpillars, Butterflies, and School Age. We are inspired by the Reggio approach that originated from Reggio Emilio, Italy.

Prior to Mulberry Tree transforming into a preschool, the property was once a fire station.


The children and staff at Mulberry Tree feel connected to the ground as they walk around barefoot. One benefit of allowing children to go barefoot is that it strengthens the feet and lower legs, making the body more agile and less prone to injury. Being barefoot develops a sense of body awareness and a direct connection to the natural environment. It enhances proprioception, the sense of the relative position of neighboring parts of the body.

Health Conscious

At Mulberry Tree Learning Center, we understand that children need to be exposed to healthy habits at an early age. We encourage and promote a healthy lifestyle including mind, body, and spirit.

Children are encouraged to try new foods, get connected to nature, attempt yoga, and use their words to identify feelings to promote strong emotional health.

School Safety

The safety of the children and staff is our first priority at Mulberry Tree. We employ a video system that monitors the movement on the property.

Each family has a unique code to enter the building and everyone without a code must ring the doorbell to be greeted by the staff.

All staff has been fingerprinted and background checked prior to the start of work at the facility. This intensive background check includes the FBI, Child Abuse, and DOJ.

By supporting emotional, physical, and mental safety, children are able to thrive in the environment that’s provided for them.